FileChute 4.3.5

Send oversized files easily


  • Auto link shortener
  • Drag and drop


  • Old interface

Very good
Attachment sizes on emails regularly increase, and you can often find ways to share files online. Yet sending large files to someone can be a bit of a trick.

If you have an online storage account, such as .Mac, then sending large files with FileChute is really easy. Just drag and drop your files and let File Chute do its job. You can automatically create and store all of them into an archive file and scramble the file name to protect them. FileChute also lets you encrypt your file, although it will have to be a disk image.

Once you've entered login details for your storage account and have store the files on it, all you need to do is send a link to them to your friends. The program includes an automatic link shortener so you don't have to send a really long link to your files to your friends.

All FileChute really lacks is a truly nice interface to enjoy it on Mac OS X Leopard.

Despite the old interface, FileChute is a great program to send large files online easily.

Improved handling of filenames with accented characters when used with MobileMe.


  • Improved handling of filenames with accented characters when used with MobileMe.

FileChute works by using your .Mac account as temporary storage. If you already have a .Mac account, FileChute virtually configures itself. If you don't have one, opening a free trial account is easy and FileChute can bring you to the sign up page. FileChute can also be configured to work with other WebDAV or FTP-accessible web servers.

FileChute doesn't stop there, it provides a host of features to make your life even easier:

  • On-the-fly archive creation (zip/dmg/tar) makes sending folders (or multiple files) as easy as sending a single file.
  • Automatic obfuscating of filenames to keep your files more secure.
  • On-the-fly encryption (dmg only) for even better security.
  • Auto delete files on server after a configurable number of days.
  • Generate short URLs using SnipURL



FileChute 4.3.5

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